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Independent Living: Housing/Meal Plans with Brent Fragnoli

The large amount of additional independence provided to students seemingly overnight can create even larger problems for first-year students who are not ready for that leap. In this breakout session, I will discuss some important tips and tricks for preparing students for life on campus. Covering everything from the hidden curriculum to executive functioning! In this breakout session I will also discuss the pros and cons of living on campus, off-campus, and the differences in meal plans. I will touch on the importance of making the most out of your campus visits/research, and who are the proper university staff to contact regarding housing and meal plan questions. We will also discuss the importance of registering accommodations and what dining and living arrangements can be made.

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Passcode: cs2021

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Brent Fragnoli

Brent has a Master’s in Higher Education and a specialty in working with students with Autism. He has spent the past three years at Marshall University’s Autism Training Center College Program supporting students in a variety of ways. Now at the University of Notre Dame, Brent manages the intake process along with all housing accomodations for the Sara Bea Accessibility Office, as well as coordinates efforts for education of students, staff and faculty as we work to create a culture that is inclusive and welcoming for all students.