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3 Tips for College Success – Research-Based Strategies for Success with Christina Crow

This 15-minute session outlines 3 tips backed by research to boost your GPA, help you ace exams, and find success in college and beyond. During this session we explore how executive functioning, study strategies, and comprehension techniques can impact your grades and overall performance. Participants will learn:

  1. How to intentionally enhance and support developing executive skills
  2. Which researched-based study strategies are the most effective
  3. How active learning strategies can be used to increase comprehension, memory, recall ability, and overall performance on tests and exams.

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Meeting/Webinar ID: 813 5841 0602
Passcode: cs2021

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About the Presenter

Christina Crow

Christina Crow is an Executive Functioning Coach, as well as, the founder and CEO of ReMind Brain Training. Christina specializes in executive functioning, brain development, learning differences, disabilities, types of neurodiversity, and the utilization of research-based strategies to intentionally target and effectively enhance individual neurological development. Through her work with ReMind Brain Training and the Learning Effectiveness Program at the University of Denver, Christina provides executive functioning coaching and consulting services for students, families, educators, and professionals of all ages; assisting individuals in better understanding their own strengths, challenges, purpose, and potential while gaining the functional skills to achieve personal success.