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Successful Habits & Behaviors for College Student Success

This presentation continues the discussion of success in college. It gives the “secret formula” to success in any class, any major, at any university. This presentation was originally created for first year college students, particularly those who may or may not have family members, friends, or acquaintances to give them insight into what it takes to be successful in college. To say that college and high school are different may be an understatement. However, this presentation will start a discussion regarding some of the skills that students likely already possess to some degree, and encourage students to build on those skills in order to start their college career successfully.

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About the Presenter

Kelly Edwards

Kelly Edwards received her undergraduate degree in Social Work, Master of Science in Clinical Child and School Psychology, and then a Specialist degree in School Psychology. She has worked as a lead School Psychologist in the western North Carolina region for approximately 3 years before she transitioned into her current position. She have always had a professional and personal interest in helping students reach their fullest potentials, often higher than they even thought possible!