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2021 Virtual Conference Toolkit

This page includes all take away items presented in the conference.

Types of Post-Secondary Settings

This session will provide participants with information about the different types of post-secondary settings that are available after high school. You will learn about settings specifically where students with disabilities can be successful independently as well as with additional support if needed. More Information

High School vs. College

This session will highlight some of the key differences between high school and college that are helpful for college-bound students and their families to be aware of. We will also share transition tips related to each contrast, which students can use to start preparing for these changes long before arriving on campus. More Information

Mini Session Toolkit Resources

These fifteen minute mini sessions address more specific differences between high school and college. The presentations in this session will address the following topics: High School Transition Planning/IEP Goals, Neurodiversity & differences in self-advocacy, key legal and service delivery differences between high school and college, frequent college pitfalls, and choosing a college major.

College Resources & Departments

This presentation will provide families, educators, and students with important information about the college setting in regard to disabilities, self-advocacy, the laws, and reasonable accommodations. Recipes will be provided on how to navigate the academic differences between high school and college, specifically, in regard to student and parental roles, tests, and study responsibilities. Specialized programs, support services, and resources will be highlighted and discussed in detail. It is important for students to know what types of services and supports they may need when beginning the college search. Going off to college is a big transition, but with the necessary supports in place, success will occur. More Information

Mini Session Toolkit Resources

Successful Habits & Behaviors for College Student Success

This presentation continues the discussion of success in college. It gives the “secret formula” to success in any class, any major, at any university. This presentation was originally created for first year college students, particularly those who may or may not have family members, friends, or acquaintances to give them insight into what it takes to be successful in college. To say that college and high school are different may be an understatement. However, this presentation will start a discussion regarding some of the skills that students likely already possess to some degree, and encourage students to build on those skills in order to start their college career successfully. More Information

  • Successful Habits & Behaviors for College Student Success (PPTX)