Bennett College

Name of Disability Service Office: Office of Disability Services

Description of Services:

The mission of The Office of Disability Services (ODS) at Bennett College is to provide, coordinate, and advocate for services which enable undergraduate students with disabilities to receive equal access to a college education and to all aspects of university life. Academic growth, disability management and self-advocacy skills for students are supported and enhanced by providing reasonable accommodations and information to create competent students, faculty, and staff members. We not only assist students with disabilities but we also collaborate with other departments on campus to provide services for faculty and staff. Services include: Extra time (on tests, quizzes, in-class work only), Tutoring, Permission to use a computer for in-class work, Peer Notes, Isolated testing environment, Kurzweil (reading software), Preferential Seating, Proofreaders

Phone: 336.517.1501


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