Davidson College

Name of Disability Service Office: The Office of Academic Access and Disability Resources

Description of Services:

The AADR Office works closely with the Dean of Students Office and other college offices and departments to assure that the programs and facilities of the college are accessible to every student in the Davidson College community. When an otherwise qualified student with a disability is admitted, the college seeks to accommodate those requests that are determined to be reasonable and do not compromise the integrity of a program or curriculum. The College's intention is that every student may, as independently as possible, meet the demands of college life. Accommodations and supportive services include but are not limited to: Extended time testing, Testing in a reduced distraction environment, Referrals to outside resources for diagnostics and documentation, Consults for assistive technology, Specific course tutoring, Note taking services, Interpreters, Alternate format texts, Read and Write Gold software, Reduced semester course load, Accessible classrooms, Individual supportive counseling, Coaching with regards to study skills, Time management Self advocacy skills and managing functional limitations, Consultation with faculty and staff. Additionally, the college has adaptive and assistive technology available to students with disabilities

Contact: Beth Bleil
Email: bebleil@davidson.edu
Phone: 704-894-2129

Website: https://www.davidson.edu/offices/ctl/students/disability-resources

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