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Name of Disability Service Office: Disability Services

Description of Services:

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, students must disclose disabilities to the counselor in order for Haywood Community College to provide reasonable accommodations. The student discloses the type of disability, the student–•s limitations, and the current impact of the disability/medical condition to the counselor by completing the appropriate forms. The forms are available in the counselor–•s office or at www.haywood.edu/counseling/disability_services. Accommodations should be requested at least two weeks in advance to give the disability counselor time to make arrangements. Accommodations requested after that will be provided as soon as possible. Haywood Community College does not provide services of a personal nature. Personal attendants and individually prescribed devices are the responsibility of the student who has a disability and not of the college. For example, read aloud may be provided for classroom use but the college does not provide readers for personal use or for help during individual study time

Email: HCC-Wellness@haywood.edu
Phone: 828-627-4504

Website: https://www.haywood.edu/student-wellness/disability-services

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