Montreat College

Name of Disability Service Office: Disability Services

Description of Services:

Reasonable accommodation(s) and modifications may include: making existing academic facilities used by students and the public readily accessible to and useable by individuals with disabilities; altering when or how academic or technical requirements are met or performed; adjusting or modifying admission and performance tests, educational materials or policies; modifying nonessential course requirements; modifying or extending degree or course completion periods; substituting specific courses required for the completion of degree requirements; allowing readmission upon review and evaluation; providing or arranging counseling services; providing readers, interpreters or tutors; adapting or modifying the manner and method of instruction and testing; modifying or adjusting scheduling requirements; substituting instructors; allowing applicants or students to provide equipment or devices that the college is not required to provide; and other similar accommodations

Contact: Wesley Davis
Phone: 828-669-8011


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