Pfeiffer University

Name of Disability Service Office: Wick S. Sharp Learning Center

Description of Services:

The mission of the Wick S. Sharp Learning Center at Pfeiffer University is to recognize the diversity of student backgrounds, skills, needs, and goals and to create effective, innovative academic support responses which promote educational excellence. These responses include tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, computer-assisted instruction, developmental courses graduate test preparation, support services for international students, and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Although Pfeiffer University does not offer a formal learning disabilities program, the university does offer comprehensive support services to provide reasonable accommodations for students with learning disabilities and other handicapping conditions. With appropriate documentation, the following services can be provided: Extended time on test, Individual test administration, Oral administration of tests, Preferential seating within classes, Note taking assistance, Assistive technology (text to voice), Development of proactive strategies for disabilities management, Other accommodations as supported by appropriate documentation

Contact: Joanne Zukowski
Phone: (704) 463-3366


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