Wake Forest University

Name of Disability Service Office: Learning Assistance Center

Description of Services:

In concert with the mission of the Division of Campus Life, Disability Services within the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) exists to enable students with disabilities to experience equal access to the academic, social, and recreational activities and programs at Wake Forest University. To achieve the goal of Тequal access,У the LAC staff works with students, faculty and staff to implement services and accommodations that are in accordance with both state and federal laws and our own commitment to this goal. In the case of Learning Disabilities, each student's request for academic accommodations is considered on an individual basis. The university reserves the right to determine what are considered reasonable accommodations for Learning Disabilities, depending on the documented nature of each disorder.

Contact: Suzanne Hawks
Email: hawkssm@wfu.edu
Phone: (336) 758-5929

Website: http://lac.wfu.edu/disability-services/

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