Wilkes CC

Name of Disability Service Office: Disability Services

Description of Services:

The mission of AccessAbility Services is to ensure equal access to Wilkes Community College classes, programs, facilities, services, and activities to otherwise qualified students with documented disabilities. The goal of AccessAbility Services is to promote and enhance disability awareness and understanding among students, faculty, and staff of the college. Program strives to facilitate a transition of students with disabilities from high school to college to the workplace. Services include: A quiet environment for testing, Tape recorders and LiveScribe pens for use in classroom, Note-takersInformation about adaptive equipment such as magnification equipment and FM systems, Software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, Window Eyes, Read & Write Gold, and ABBY Fine Reader, Books in alternative formatInterpreters, Scribes

Contact: Renee Macemore
Email: rmmacemore052@wilkescc.edu
Phone: 336-838-6560

Website: https://www.wilkescc.edu/disability-services/

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