William Peace University

Name of Disability Service Office: Disability Resource Center

Description of Services:

The William Peace University Disability Resource Center provides special assistance to students with disabilities and learning differences. The office assists students in accessing and using appropriate reasonable accommodations, and making sound choices about course load, study skills, strategies and self-advocacy. Accommodations can include: Extended time on tests (includes course, placement and competency tests) Taking tests in a separate, distraction-reduced environment (includes course, placement and competency tests); Alternate test formats such as use of a computer, tape recorder, or oral testing (includes course, placement and competency tests); Permission to mark answers on tests rather than the use of scantrons, computerized formats, or separate answer sheets (includes course, placement and competency tests); Tape recording of lectures Use of peer note-takers; Preferential seating; Use of assistive technology; Alternate text formats (Braille, audio); Sign-language interpreter; dietary, parking, and housing accomodations

Contact: Stephanie Reed
Email: Disability@peace.edu
Phone: (919) 508-2163

Website: https://www.peace.edu/student-life/student-support-services/disability-services/

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