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Lillian Nave discusses using a course calendar with her students.


Hello, this is Lillian Nave with Appalachian State University and College STAR. I wanted to show you a really quick version of my course calendar and this is an addendum to my course syllabus. I think it is helpful for students to see how its laid out. So what you're seeing here is the week to week schedule and I keep the weeks on the far left and that makes it very easy to update every semester. I have “meet with students” Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each one of those days of the week is a different color but it's always the same and I tell them what to prepare for class, what they're doing between classes, and also what we're doing in class each time. 

So this is very similar to the castle top method that Dee Fink uses in his creating significant learning experiences. So everything is also color-coded, so things that are due are in red and then you'll also see lots of hyperlinks. These are also in our As-U-Learn system, our Moodle system. Students can take this course calendar and pretty much get to everything they need to get to for our course. Everything for their course is shown on this course calendar so this is really, really helpful for; especially for executive functioning and having multiple different ways that students can check in and know what they need to be doing. So feel free to copy, or use, or do something like this I think it's really helpful for our students. So thanks for listening.