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Historical Information About College STAR

 College STAR is a network of professionals who support students who have learning & attention differences (neurodiversities). The network establishes a nexus of experiences, expertise, and resources to enhance and improve our programs and create opportunities for students nationwide. 

Phase I

This video provides an overview of the beginning of the College STAR Program on both the campuses of East Carolina University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Phase II

This video discusses the implementation of the College STAR Program at ECU, UNCG, and Appalachian State University in order to ensure equal opportunities for success to students with learning differences.

Phase III

This video describes how the College STAR Program expanded and experimented with new innovations and ideas.

Phase IV

This video describes how ECU, UNCG, ASU, and Fayetteville State University came together to build upon resources, develop instructional support content, spread the word and establish a student support network.

Phase V

During this video, viewers will understand how the College STAR Program developed self-sustaining and collaborative programs to support post-secondary education for students with learning and attentions differences.


This video summarizes the overall purpose and importance of the College STAR Initiative and how it can contribute to creating a welcoming learning environment for all students.