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Louisburg College Learning Partners

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide students the individualized support and coaching they need to develop their learning skills, realize their academic goals and work towards becoming successful independent learners.

Contact Information

Robin Wright, Director (rwright@louisburg.edu)

Kris Capps, Administrative Assistant (kcapps@louisburg.edu)

Louisburg College Learning Partners
501 North Main Street
Louisburg, NC  27549

Phone:  919.497.3236

email: learningpartners@louisburg.edu

Louisburg College:  louisburg.edu
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Twitter: @LCLPartners 

Instagram: LCLPartners

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Program Description

Program Overview

  • Learning Partners is a unique program within a unique institution.  Founded in 1787, Louisburg College is the oldest private, two-year college in the nation.  Louisburg College awards associate degrees in Arts and Science, both general degree and specialized degrees in STEM, Business, and Education, facilitating students’ transfer to a four-year institution, but also providing end-degrees for those seeking a two-year associate’s degree.
  • Learning Partners is a fee-based program.  Students with documented learning differences who have been admitted to Louisburg College may apply to admission to Learning Partners.  Interested students submit a Learning Partners application, two teacher evaluation forms, the most recent IEP or 504 Plan if applicable, and  a current (within the past 3 years), complete psycho-educational report that includes an assessment of intellectual ability and of educational achievement. 

Description of Services

  • Learning Partners is a comprehensive program of academic coaching and support for students with learning differences, primarily learning disabilities and AD/HD.  Students are paired with a Learning Specialist, an experienced educator with a master’s degree or higher, with whom the student meets twice per week.  The session work is individualized according to the needs of the student.  The work includes self-assessment of learning strategies; the development and enhancement of skills in self-advocacy, organization, test-taking, specific subjects; and, strategies to address anxiety.
  • In addition to the scheduled sessions with a learning specialist, the student is encouraged to use the learning labs, which are available each week day, as well as evenings until 8:00 p.m. on Mondays – Thursdays.  In the labs, students can study individually or with other Learning Partners students, as well as work with a learning specialist.  Learning Partners students have access to a Test Center where they may utilize their test accommodations in a comfortable setting.  Assistive Technology and support with that technology is available in the learning labs and the Test Center. Finally, the Learning Partners students have priority course registration which provides an opportunity to build a schedule that best meets the student’s learning needs.
  • As a comprehensive program, Learning Partners also provides opportunities for students to develop personally.  Thus, monthly birthday parties in the learning lab, service projects, and other activities facilitate social engagement, foster a sense of community, and support the growth of students as learners and as fully engaged, self-confident young adults.

Application Process


Target Population

  • Specified Learning Difference
  • Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)

Program at a glance

How many students are enrolled in this program? 25-49

What are the annual costs for a student to attend this program? $3,000-$4,999

Is this program public? No

Is this program fee-based? Yes

how large is the instition associated with this program? 0-999

What type of institution is associated with this program? 2-year College