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University of Indianapolis: BUILD Program

Program Overview

University of Indianapolis BUILD is a voluntary support program that is designed to help students with learning-related disabilities earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.  This is a fee-for-service program that goes significantly beyond the appropriate, reasonable accommodations required for ADA compliance.  

We hold BUILD preview opportunities four times a year, both in-person and virtually.  https://uindy.edu/ssd/build-preview-day


Program Website

Transition Curriculum

STEPP Program fact sheet

Contact Information

Betsy Fouts, Director

Program Description

Description of Services

  • One-on-one scheduled tutoring               
  • Professional tutors with a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Autism social skills group                                  
  • Student activities group
  • Specialized classes with accommodations built in (Study Skills, English, and a Spanish course specifically created for students with learning differences)
  • Testing Center
  • Private study area                                     
  • Access to assistive technology

Target Population

BUILD Students are those who are diagnosed with a disability such as a specific learning disability, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, mental health issues or autism spectrum disorder

Application Process

Students complete an online application and submit their most recent psychological evaluation (even if it is outdated) along with their most recent IEP/ISP/504.  Priority is given to students that apply before May 1 for fall and December 1 for spring.

Links: https://uindy.edu/ssd/build

Program at a glance

How many students are enrolled in this program? 60-80

What are the annual costs for a student to attend this program? $7000/year

Is this program public? No

Is this program fee-based? Yes

how large is the instition associated with this program? 5000

What type of institution is associated with this program? College