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Student Support Programs

The Student Support Programs resource is a listing of programs designed specifically to support students with learning and attention differences, as well as a profile page that provides more detail about each program. We will continue to expand this resource as we learn of new campus programs. Please click here to share programs with us that may be good additions to the list. This directory includes a variety of public and private, large and small, university and college programs with a range of assistance, financial cost, and target student groups.

College STAR anchor campuses are noted with a College STAR Seal. While each College STAR anchor campus (East Carolina University, Appalachian State University, and Fayetteville State University) offers a student support program for students with learning and attention differences, this directory also includes programs that were established separate from (and in some instances long before) the College STAR initiative. Our goal with this resource is simply to put information about different support programs at the fingertips of students who are looking for postsecondary settings that are just the right fit for their goals and needs.

Louisburg College: Learning partners

Louisburg College Learning Partners

Our Mission is to provide students the individualized support and coaching they need to develop their learning skills, realize their academic goals and work towards becoming successful independent learners.

Marist Accommodation and Accessibility

Marist College Learning Support Program

The mission of the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility is to support students with documented disabilities in becoming empowered, independent learners by providing the appropriate accommodations and services necessary to access the educational opportunities at Marist College.

Mercyhusrt University

Mercyhurst University

Our mission is to identify and reduce physical, programmatic and attitudinal barriers for students with disabilities. Collaboration with faculty, staff, and administrators addresses effective participation, learning needs, academic performance, and retention of students so that students’ opportunities for achievement may be equalized while supporting academic integrity.

Marshall University

The H.E.L.P. Program at Marshall University

The mission of the H.E.L.P. Program is to provide educational support, remediation, and mentoring to individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The University of Arizona SALT Center

The University of Arizona SALT Center

The SALT Center inspires students with learning and attention challenges to succeed in higher education. Through the provision of comprehensive academic support services, the SALT Center encourages student engagement, self-awareness, and growth.

University of Denver

University of Denver: Learning Effectiveness Program

The Learning Effectiveness Program (LEP) at the University of Denver provides individualized support for neuro diverse learners with Learning Disabilities, and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), students on the Autism Spectrum, and students who have a history of learning differences. The mission of the LEP is two-fold:

1. To support and serve DU students
2. To serve as a resource to the University community

University of the Ozarks Jones Learning Center

University of the Ozarks: Jones Learning Center

True to our Christian heritage, the University of the Ozarks prepares students from diverse religious, cultural, educational and economic backgrounds to live life fully. The Jones Learning Center (JLC), a comprehensive support program at Ozarks, is designed to serve students with documented learning disabilities, AD/HD, or autism spectrum disorder who can think critically, but need additional support to demonstrate their knowledge in a traditional academic environment.